SOS™ for Patients

What is SOS?

Surgical Outcomes System™ (SOS™) is a web-based tool for your surgeon to remotely monitor your pain, function and well-being after treatment. Completing SOS™ surveys provides valuable data to your physician that confirms your treatment is successful and meets or exceeds pretreatment expectations. If there is a deviation from expected recovery, SOS™ notifies your surgeon immediately for further follow-up.

Why SOS?

SOS™ provides your surgeon real-time, web-based information on your posttreatment progress, even between your scheduled follow-up visits.

Why is it important that I complete the surveys in a timely manner?

It is important that you complete SOS™ surveys sent from your physician in a timely manner in order for your surgeon to accurately monitor posttreatment progression to normal daily living. Your information is only available to your surgeon and staff who collect and care for your data. In addition, your pre and posttreatment outcomes will be tabulated generically with other patients to create a de-identified global registry on surgery outcomes that may benefit future patients and surgeons. De-identified means that patient identifiers collected (email address or medical record number in SOS™) are not visible to any person or party other than your surgeon or staff who collect and care for your data.

Ask your surgeon about enrolling in SOS™! SOS™ may help benefit future patients who have similar treatments like you!

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